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Graphik Grappa Set of 2

Graphik Grappa Set of 2

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Elevate your toast with Enma, Margerie Crystal's premier Tasting Glass. Immerse yourself in the fusion of modern elegance and timeless sophistication, showcased through intricate patterns. Crafted for champagne enthusiasts, Enma's delicately shaped bowl enhances the effervescence, elevating your tasting experience. Meticulously fashioned from the finest crystal, each glass radiates clarity, transforming celebrations into visually captivating moments

Volume: ~95 cc. 3 1/4 US oz. - 3 1/4 UK oz.

Height: 180 mm. 7”

Mouth Diameter: 43 mm. 1 3/4”

Base Diameter: 64 mm. 2 1/2”

Width: 64 mm. 2 1/2”