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Graphik Wine Glasses Set of 2

Graphik Wine Glasses Set of 2

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Elevate your wine experience with the Margerie Crystal Enma Wine Glass Pair, meticulously crafted to unveil hidden aromas and flavors, allowing you to savor every nuance of your preferred typically dry, fruity, or full-bodied red wine. Individually handcrafted from exquisite crystal, these sophisticated red wine glasses boast a thoughtful design aimed at maximizing your wine enjoyment. The broad base, expansive bowl, and open rim facilitate optimal oxygen interaction, unlocking the true essence of the wine while minimizing the impact of tannins. Embrace a uniquely contemporary aesthetic with the Enma collection, featuring a distinctive deep V plunge and an effortlessly sleek pulled stem, embodying a flawlessly modern profile for a truly refined drinking experience.

Volume 165/cc.
Volume US: 5 1/2 / oz.
Volume UK: 5 3/4 / oz.
Height: 220 mm.
Mouth Diameter: 84.5 mm.
Base Diameter: 76 mm.
Max. Width: 84.5 mm.