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Graphik Wine Goblet Set of 2

Graphik Wine Goblet Set of 2

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Introducing Margerie Crystal's Enma collection, a harmonious blend of sophistication and transparency. Exquisite and adaptable, the Enma Goblet is designed for indulging in a variety of beverages, from fine wines to refreshing juices. The meticulous craftsmanship showcases Enma's distinctive patterns, featuring intricate cuts that elevate the presentation and vibrancy of any drink within its crystal-clear confines. Immerse yourself in the refined allure of Margerie Crystal's handcrafted fine crystal, creating a beverage experience that not only embraces classic elegance but also transcends it with contemporary grace. Elevate your moments with the timeless beauty of Margerie Crystal's Enma Goblet.

Volume: 280 cc. 9 1/4 US oz. - 9 3/4 UK oz.

Height: 140mm. 5 2/4”

Mouth Diameter: 89mm. 3 2/4”

Base Diameter: 72mm. 2 3/4”

Width: 89mm. 3 2/4”