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Fuji Stemless Wine Glasses Set of 2

Fuji Stemless Wine Glasses Set of 2

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Introducing Fuji Stemless Wine Glass by Margerie Crystal – a seamless blend of timeless sophistication and modern utility. Meticulously crafted with the unparalleled brilliance and clarity associated with Margerie Crystal, the Fuji Stemless Wine Glass presents a contemporary take on savoring your preferred chilled white wine. Designed with a graceful stemless silhouette, this glass features a slender bowl adorned with Margerie Crystal's distinctive diamond and wedge embellishments. Redefine your wine-drinking experience with the Fuji Stemless Wine Glass – a harmonious fusion of chic aesthetics and pragmatic design, embodying Margerie Crystal's dedication to creating exquisite and contemporary glassware.

Volume: 425 cc. 14 1/4 US oz. - 15 UK oz.

Height: 109.5 mm. 4 1/4”

Mouth Diameter: 67.5 mm. 2 3/4”

Base Diameter: 52 mm. 2"

Width: 89 mm. 3 2/4”