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Gaia Dof Whiskey Glasses Set of 2

Gaia Dof Whiskey Glasses Set of 2

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Introducing Gaia, Margerie Crystal's exquisite Whiskey Dof Glass—a tribute to the captivating allure of Irish heritage and convivial gatherings. Rooted in the heart of Ireland, our glass draws inspiration from a nation rich in expressive artistry. Named after a celestial figure, the Gaia design beautifully captures the essence of Irish camaraderie, adorned with an intricate lattice pattern reminiscent of Dublin's iconic Marsh's Library. This whiskey glass ensemble embodies the spirit of warmth and generosity, making it an ideal gift presented in our signature packaging, elevating each sip to a cherished moment.

Volume: ~315 cc. 10 1/2 US oz. - 11 UK oz.

Height: 94 mm. 3 3/4”

Mouth Diameter: 83 mm. 3 1/4”

Base Diameter: 77.5 mm. 3”

Width: 83 mm. 3 1/4”