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Lismore Highball Glasses Set of 2
Lismore Highball Glasses Set of 2

Lismore Highball Glasses Set of 2

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Introducing Margerie Crystal's Lismore collection, a contemporary masterpiece designed for the discerning connoisseur. Elevate your drinking experience with the Lismore HiBall Glass, boasting a sleek and modern silhouette that complements the brilliance and clarity of Margerie Crystal's signature craftsmanship. The Lismore HiBall Tumblers feature a refined design, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. The crystal-clear glass, adorned with intricate cuts, refracts light with mesmerizing radiance, making it the perfect choice for serving refreshing cocktails and beverages. Experience the epitome of elegance with Margerie Crystal's Lismore, where every sip becomes an extraordinary moment.

Volume: 470 cc. 15 3/4 US oz. - 16 2/4 UK oz.

Height: 148 mm. 5 3/4”

Mouth Diameter: 65.5 mm. 2 2/4”

Base Diameter: 48.5 mm. 2"

Width: 78 mm. 3”