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Nami Coupe Glasses Set of 2

Nami Coupe Glasses Set of 2

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Introducing Nami Coupe Glass from Margerie Crystal, a blend of modern elegance and timeless sophistication. Crafted for refined tastes, Nami elevates your celebrations with its sleek design, brilliant transparency, and exquisite details. Whether it's champagne or sparkling delights, this coupe glass transforms every moment into an extraordinary celebration, embodying Margerie Crystal's commitment to refinement and taste. Elevate your experience with Nami Coupe Glass – where sophistication meets celebration.

Volume: 220 cc. 7 1/4 US oz. - 7 3/4 UK oz.

Height: 150 mm. 6”

Mouth Diameter: 91 mm. 3 1/2”

Base Diameter: 72 mm. 2 3/4”

Width: 96.5 mm. 3 3/4”