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Nami Margarita Glasses Set of 2

Nami Margarita Glasses Set of 2

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Indulge in the artistry of Nami by Margerie Crystal, a bespoke glass for Margaritas and Cocktails. Crafted with captivating wave patterns on fine crystal, Nami ensures clarity to enhance the hues of your favorite drinks. Elevate your sipping experience with Nami – where modern design meets timeless sophistication, setting a new standard for cocktail perfection.

Volume 305 / cc.
Volume US: 10 1/4 / US oz.
Volume UK: 10 3/4 / oz.
Height: 168.5 mm.
Mouth Diameter: 115 mm.
Base Diameter: 70 mm.
Max. Width: 115 mm.