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Nami Martini Glasses Set of 2

Nami Martini Glasses Set of 2

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Introducing "Nami" by Margerie Crystal — a pinnacle of martini glass artistry. This avant-garde creation seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with enduring charm, enhancing every cocktail experience. Nami's flawless design and crystal-clear allure redefine sophistication, making it the preferred choice for those with refined taste. Immerse yourself in the world of exquisite mixology with Nami Martini Glass, a testament to Margerie Crystal's fusion of timeless style and contemporary design.

Volume: ~250 cc. 8 1/4 US oz. - 8 3/4 UK oz.

Height: 176.5 mm. 7”

Mouth Diameter: 109 mm. 4 1/4”

Base Diameter: 75 mm. 3”

Width: 109 mm. 4 1/4”