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Opulent Champange Flute

Opulent Champange Flute

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Introducing Margerie Crystal's exquisite Colored Champagne Flute, a celebration of elegance and sophistication. Immerse yourself in luxury with three captivating color options, each crafted from the finest crystal glass, showcasing impeccable workmanship. Elevate your toasts to new heights with these completely handmade flutes, where every detail reflects the hallmark of Margerie Crystal's commitment to quality and style. Cheers to a sparkling experience with the epitome of refined taste.


Volume : 150 cc
Volume UK : 5 1/4 oz
Volume US : 5 OZ
Height : 240.5 mm. NaN"
Mouth Diameter : 65 mm. 2 1/2"
Base Diameter : 75 mm. 3"
Max Width : 75 mm. 3"