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Vivi Highball Glasses Set of 2
Vivi Highball Glasses Set of 2

Vivi Highball Glasses Set of 2

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Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of gin refinement with Margerie Crystal's Vivi collection – a seamless fusion of timeless elegance and modern craftsmanship. Rooted in historical inspiration from the Victorian era and the gin culture, these exquisite HiBall glasses, part of the Vivi series, are meticulously crafted in collaboration with discerning taste connoisseurs. Revel in the tall, graceful silhouette of the Vivi HiBall glass set of two, designed to accentuate the subtleties of low-alcohol gin. The distinctive vertical patterns not only radiate sophistication but also offer ample space for garnishes and ice, creating the perfect presentation for your gin cocktails or chilled beverages. Embark on a sensory journey where Margerie Crystal effortlessly blends classic Irish heritage with the contemporary allure of craft gins. Presented in an elegant 'Gin Journeys' gift box, the Vivi collection stands as a refined and thoughtful gift for the discerning gin enthusiast.

Volume: 290 cc. 9 3/4 US oz. - 10 1/4 UK oz.

Height: 111 mm. 4 1/4”

Mouth Diameter: 78 mm. 3”

Base Diameter: 56 mm. 2 1/4”

Width: 78 mm. 3”