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Vivi Wine Glasses Set of 2

Vivi Wine Glasses Set of 2

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Elevate your wine experience with the Vivi Wine Glass Set from Margerie Crystal. Crafted with precision from premium crystal, these glasses unveil subtle nuances in white wines. The sleek design, ample bowl, and tapered edge enhance aeration, revealing the true essence of your wine. Embrace modern elegance with the Vivi collection, featuring a unique V-shaped design and an elongated stem for a refined and enjoyable sipping experience.

Volume 165/cc.
Volume US: 5 1/2 / oz.
Volume UK: 5 3/4 / oz.
Height: 220 mm.
Mouth Diameter: 84.5 mm.
Base Diameter: 76 mm.
Max. Width: 84.5 mm.